About Heroic Interactive Inc.

Heroic Interactive is a digital media and game development company on a mission to produce high-quality, memorable interactive experiences for an audience of all ages.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Heroic is comprised of a dynamic group of gaming fanatics and traditional media creators that regard games as the platform of the future. Our goal is to revolutionize daily life by making it more fun through games of every kind.

Dedicated to keeping its inner child alive, the team’s diverse talents combine to produce visually stunning, deeply engaging games within an efficient and creative production environment.

We provide game development services for clients the world over as well as continue development of our own IP.

Who We Are

Karen Lee Hall – Founder/Producer

Genie Award winner Karen Lee Hall split her formative years between Canada and the USA, confirming 1) Canadians are different from Americans and 2) it’s hard to explain how. In the heady days of disco, Karen came to Toronto to complete her BFA(Hons) in Film at York University before launching into her vocation as a worker in media arts.

For over 10 years Karen worked non-stop as a freelance assistant director where she honed the skills she now uses as a producer. Her producer credits span film, television and interactive content and include serving as: producer on indie features House and Ginger Snaps (one of Canada’s top grossing films of 2000) and exec producer on Who Loves the Sun; producer and exec producer on Heroic’s TV series’ Our Hero, Captain Flamingo, Connor Undercover and How to be Indie; and supervising producer on www.cbc.ca/ourhero and www.ourhero.tv.

As founder and chief bottle washer at Heroic Interactive, Karen produced How To Be Indie: Day In The Life for YTV; Spy Alliance: Connor Undercover for Family Channel; a series of super fun mini-games for Heroic Interactive as well as other clients, and has initiated development on How Embarrassing! a comedic multiplayer social game and The Explorers, an explorable interactive edutainment experience for kids.

Karen brings her passion, years of producing experience, and the determination to achieve excellence to her job of providing kids with the tools they need to tell the stories they have bubbling inside.