Take charge of your very own spy agency in Spy Alliance! Become a top secret agent and build spy networks with your friends. Collect Intel and use mini-games to secure your network against other players acting as enemy agents. They’ll have to top your scores to infiltrate your agency and steal your Intel.

Customize your spy avatar and equip yourself with pro Spy Gear. Hone your secret agent skills to a razors’ edge by training with eight cool mind-bending mini-games. You’ll earn Spycash and valuable Intel – use it to break into enemy agencies and crack all the security measures in your path.

Your Agency HQ is where you go to receive your Missions.  You’ll be tested for high levels of mini-game performance and your reward will be special Achievements. They let everyone know you’re operating at the ultimate pro levels.

Don’t forget your daily Reconnaisance missions! Every day you’ll receive a list of three objects you must search for and photograph. Travel  to other agencies, scouring the Spy Alliance world of secret operatives to find the objects. Once you’ve snapped pictures of all three, you’ll earn spy cash and gain precious Intel. Soon you’ll grow your agency to become the most powerful of them all.

In Spy Alliance you must choose your friends wisely and know your enemies well.  And always remember – INFORMATION IS POWER.

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